Thank you and farewell from Vive

After two and a half years, we regret to inform you that, effective March 1, Vive will no longer be accepting appointment requests. Vive’s website and mobile app will also no longer be available for booking. Effective March 1, Vive customers are welcome to visit Glam&Go, who will be giving all Vive customers special offers for the month of March.

Glam&Go is known for convenience, their incredible membership program, “best blowout” awards & 15-minute Express Blowouts, Glam&Go is New York’s premier blowout experience with top locations in Manhattan and Miami (and Los Angeles coming soon!).  

To our members: Thank you for your loyal patronage and support over these past two and a half years. We’re grateful to know that you have a home at Glam&Go, and believe that Glam&Go shares our vision of making every day a great hair day. We feel confident that Vive customers will experience a consistent, exceptional service across all Glam&Go locations.

To our salon partners: we’re sad to say goodbye. You’ve without question helped us get where we are today and cannot thank you enough for the past two and a half years of partnership. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and faith you had in working with us.

Thank you for a wonderful two years, we are enormously grateful for the opportunity to serve you and to have worked with you.

Here’s to a great 2017 and beyond.

Alanna and Team Vive

Vive Hacks: Which Shampoo is Right for You?

Choosing a shampoo can be a challenging process. With so many options to choose from, how do we select the right one?

For your next trip to the beauty store, we’ve created easy tips to help you narrow down a shampoo that meets all your hair care needs. Scalp health and hair type are key factors in choosing a shampoo that can benefit you and your hair. The proper shampoo can do more than just clean. It’ll have your hair looking healthy and gorgeous for seasons to come!

Damage Control

Split ends, dull color, dryness, what gives? Excessive exposure to the sun, heat from styling tools, chemicals in products, or simply the wear and tear of everyday life can cause damaged hair. Another  common cause of dry hair is over-washing with shampoos that have harsh chemicals.

Kératose, Résistance Bain Force Architecte Shampoo, $41

Kératose, Résistance Bain Force Architecte Shampoo, $41

Shampoos with natural oils and silky extracts have a nourishing effect. They lock in moisture and hydrate brittle strands. Look for a fortifying shampoo with a vitamin complex such as biotin. The combination of proteins and essential vitamins fortifies hair and strengthens strands to prevent breakage. Shampoos formulated with oils rich in omega 3 fatty acids contain nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties, giving hair more elasticity and shine. 

As a rule, avoid lathering agents such as sulfates and opt for shampoos that offer reparative effects or a system that moisturizes and protects. They provide a gentle wash that cleans well and can be used daily.

Normal Hair

Keep your healthy tresses in check with a smoothing formula made from fruit or plant-based extracts. For shine without the buildup, opt for a paraben and silicon free shampoo without artificial fragrance. When in doubt, choose a shampoo that does what you’re looking. If the labels read ‘hydrating, balancing, color-preserving’ it might be a solid choice.

Oribe, Shampoo for Beautiful Color, $24  

Oribe, Shampoo for Beautiful Color, $24


Before purchasing, check to see if the shampoo states it is safe for color-treated hair. Look for key words like ‘color protecting’. Always use products as directed on the bottle. Opt for a natural shampoo specifically designed for your hair color that also offers anti-fade or UV protection. For blonde hair or yellow highlights, try purple-tinted shampoos to prevent brassiness. 


Reach for shampoo ingredients like lemon tea-tree and jojoba seed. Tea-tree oils have antiseptic properties that are great for cleaning. Herbal-based shampoos with mild botanicals can help reduce  excess sebum production without stripping the scalp of its natural moisture. Clarifying shampoos provide a more deep cleanse, dissolving greasiness and any product buildup in the scalp. If you’re somewhere between oily and dry, a balancing shampoo can regulate oil production. It’s formulated to both clean and soothe the scalp.


For all things hair, light is the way to go. Natural, lightweight shampoos infused with rich seed oils like almond and sunflower, add moisture without the heavy weight of chemicals or residue common in sulfate products. Try a coconut milk shampoo for ultimate hydration that’s naturally fragrant. Minimize dryness and damage by using products with built in sun-protection for the day and offer UV blocking from heat styling.

Ouidad, Curl Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo, $18

Ouidad, Curl Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo, $18


Adding the right amount of moisture will protect against humidity and frizziness, giving a your curls definition and bounce. Stick to a combo of Shea butter and plant-based oils that will clean and moisturize the finest or thickest of curls. The added benefit of detangling provides greater manageability for styling.


Strengthen your delicate strands while adding fullness for a bodied look. A volumizing shampoo will give you weightless body while also protecting from frizz. Most volume shampoos are formulated with ginseng and biotin, both power ingredients that stimulate follicle growth and lift roots for visible thickness.


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Behind the Chair: A hairstylist’s confessional

Hair stylists like therapists, best friends, and bartenders, all wrapped up in one. You see them every so often and form an intimate bond over, your hair.

At Vive, we’ve always been curious to know what ever do stylists think about when they hear all of our most intimate secrets? We asked a few to share their tales, all anonymous of course! Here’s what we found, watch the video for more. 

Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Squad

Did you go to bed last night stressing about what you're going to be for Halloween? Well, don't worry- you're not alone. We've been low-key stressing about it all week, especially since we know it will been seen by hundreds, maybe thousands of people on social media.

In a pinch, we know group costumes triumph all, so we decided to seek out help from our friends and family for some of their favorite looks from Halloweens past.  Scroll through and check out some of our last minute costume ideas for you and your squad...whoever that may be. 


You and your friends

Roller derby team

Roller derby team

You and your mini me

Mary had a little lamb

Mary had a little lamb

You and your pup



You and your boyfriend

Dr Krieger and Japanese anime bride from "Archer"

Dr Krieger and Japanese anime bride from "Archer"