Innovator Series: Sasha Bikoff

Whether you are designing a room or an entire home, creating a unique space of your own can be both exciting and overwhelming.  Inspired by her eye-catching designs and flawless execution, we sat down with Sasha Bikoff, New York native and owner of her own interior design firm, Sasha Bikoff New York, to find out more about her personal style, inspirations, and challenges she’s faced creating her own business.


Tell us a little about your company's philosophy.

Be fearless with design and always revert to past inspirations in order to give a fresh new approach to the future.

What inspired you to start the company?

I was inspired to start my business after working at a gallery for three years. I was selling art and wanted to create entire rooms filled with imaginative design. 

Who are some other innovators that inspire you?

Iris Apfel- her design style is so eclectic, worldly and fearless. The way she mixes pattern, texture, and themes is really incredible and exciting to see.

What was an unexpected challenge you faced when building your business?

I am in a client based business, so you always have to be able to read the person you are hired by and make sure there is a mutual trust, respect, and connection. Sometimes you have to find that, but in the end it makes for an amazing product. 

At what point did you think, "now we've made it"?

When I was featured in the New York Times' Style section in my shop.

55 Thompson St.

55 Thompson St.

What's next for your company?

We just signed with William Morris Endeavor and are working on developing a docu-series. 

Favorite beauty must have?

Chanel Sycamore perfume and Charlotte Tillsbury contour bronzer. 

The Touraine

The Touraine

Fill in the blank: "I feel most beautiful when..."

I just get out of the water from surfing all salty and sun kissed. 

What is the best piece of advice you've received in 5 words or less.

Believe in yourself.