Stylist Spotlight: Amanda Markoya's Confessions of a Makeup Artist

Coconut .jpg

I am a beauty industry guinea pig. As a makeup artist, I am constantly trying out new products and techniques in order to get the best possible result for my clients. The most efficient way for me to do this is to use my own face for testing, but sometimes, my skin doesn't appreciate it.

After a bad reaction to some chemical-heavy makeup remover wipes, I looked around for something more natural and gentle. Another artist suggested I try coconut oil for removal. So, during my next trip to the grocery store, I picked up a jar of organic, virgin coconut oil.

That night, I melted a little bit of the oil in my palms (it's usually solid in the jar) and rubbed it into my lashes. My mascara came off without a fight. I rubbed some more on my cheeks and then finished up with an all-over swipe of witch hazel on a cotton pad.

My face was clean and felt moisturized. Typically, my dry skin feels tight and parched after a wash. I was hooked! I began suggesting coconut oil to anyone who would listen, and I even put some in my work kit. This little not-so-secret-anymore product has multiple uses as well. I like to put some oil on the ends of my hair before washing, and I purchased a separate jar for cooking. Nothing beats finding my favorite beauty product in the same store where I buy my ice cream!

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