6 Amazing All-Natural Perfumes

Published by VIVE for the Aloha Way Magazine

6 Amazing All-Natural Perfumes

Do you know what you are spraying on your body when wear perfume? A whole lot of chemicals most likely.

If you want all-natural perfume options without having to DIY (although we love that option, too!), we picked out six great perfumeries that offer amazing natural scents.

Check them out below:


In a Los Angeles studio, Persephenie handcrafts 100 percent natural and botanical perfumes to perfection. If you are wary about dropping $120 without smelling it first, you can get a small 1/4 ml size for $7 to test the scent yourself.

Arboreal Eau de Parfum, 4ml, $120

A Perfume Organic

Blend of rose, black truffle, blue and roman chamomile and an overdose of ylang ylang with a smooth woody finish. Citrus fruits, rare spices and precious herbs.

After working for big beauty corporations that churned out synthetic perfumes full of acetone, petroleum, and phthalates, Amanda Walker decided to commit herself to offering 100 percent organic blends and perfumes. She has five perfumes in her arsenal, each retailing at $65, or a sample of all five for $22.

Green, 12 ml, $65

Features jasmine absolute, rich florals, and a warm, woody base.

All of Lush’s signature scents are available in solid perfume, and these metal tins are as cute as they come! We always count on Lush for fresh, handmade cosmetics at the best prices, and if you check their ingredients, you’ll immediately see that they use essential oils and absolutes for their scents.

Lush Solid Perfume, 0.4 oz, $11.95

Notes of luscious orange blossoms, juicy tangerines, caramelized vanilla, and Tunisian neroli flowers.

This is the gold standard for natural perfume. Tsi-La prides itself on being vegan, animal-cruelty free, preservative- and colorant-free, and containing zero synthetic chemicals. Of course, the natural scents smell lovely too. 

Fiori D’Arancio Organic Eau de Parfum Mini, 4ml, $44

Warm sandalwood and earthy rose pairs with a crisp citrus finish.

These perfume oils use organic jojoba as carrier oil and have no chemical preservatives, stabilizers, or additives. They are hand-blended and bottled in New York City with high-quality essential oils, an effort that truly pays off once you open and dab these indulgent scents on your wrist.

RSW005 Perfume Oil, 1/8 oz, $55

Blend of sun-ripened citrus and spicy vanilla.

These addicting roll ons are free of alcohol, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, and sulfates and are cruelty-free. The three distinct scents are also offered in sample sizes for $6.

Signature Roll-on Bottle, 5ml, $48