Anti-Aging Haircare: How To Turn Back The Clock

Anti-Aging Haircare: How To Turn Back The Clock

Originally posted on the ALOHA Way Magazine

Nothing ages (or stresses!) a woman quite like thinning, dull hair. Up until recently females were out of luck as most anti-aging haircare products were created with men in mind. The tides have turned however with a number of top brands responding to the demands of women who have aging hair as a result of genetics, hormonal changes and chemically treating their hair.


So… what exactly is anti-aging haircare?

“Anti-aging haircare works to protect your hair and scalp from the harsh environment (i.e. pollution), hot tools, coloring, unbalanced nutrition, stress, and other toxins,” explains Mordechai Alvow, CEO and Founder of Yarok Beauty Kitchen a salon featuring organic hair treatments in New York. City More specifically it’s about strengthening the hair and reinvigorating it with proteins, oils, and vitamins that are lost with age, chemical treatments, air pollution, and harsh climates. Even thick hair that isn’t thinning may need an anti-aging treatment to prevent breakage and restore it to its original luster.


What preventative measures can we take? 

Alvow advocates covering your hair when in the sun. Not only will the sun’s rays cause damage to your hair color, they’ll affect your scalp’s health. He also suggests avoiding too many unnatural treatments like keratin straighteners, limiting the use of hot tools, using ammonia-free hair dyes, drinking lots of water, and using liquid herb vitamins.


What about products?

Don’t stress anymore (that can cause hair loss too) there are plenty of great products that will work overtime to restore your hair back to its youth.



Yarok Feed Your Youth Anti-Aging Serum – Yarok’s signature oil treatment is a powerful blend of pure essential oils packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Yarrow Oil, often prescribed for dry skin conditions, is the key ingredient.


Caviar Anti-Aging Working Hair Spray – this flexible-hold hairspray not only repairs hair, but works to restore it to its virgin state. Perfect for those with color treated hair, it will boost shine and work to extend the life of hair’s color via a vitamin cocktail without leaving tresses with a crunchy texture.


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Root Resilience Hair Kit – Get to the root of the problem with this kit that works to boost hair volume by targeting the scalp and follicle with a protein-rich shampoo, conditioner, and serum.


Phyto Phytolium Chronic & Severe Hair Thinning Set – the best solution to anti-aging tackles both the inside and the outside. With that in mind this set includes a dietary supplement in addition to a scalp stimulating shampoo and treatment.

Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Instant Thickening – clinically proven to thicken hair by up to 47%, just apply Blandi’s Hair Lift at the roots before blow drying (it’s also formulated with heat protecting agents). In addition to instantly boosting volume it will replenish hair’s essential vitamins thereby pumping up hydration for healthier hair in the long run.


Ouidad Biotin Lightweight Reparative Hair Serum – in addition to treatment measures you’ll want to tackle prevention. This serum not only works to repair hair, but also tackles breakage. 


Julien Farel Restore – this luxurious anti-aging hair care brand offers a full range of products, all of which are formulated based on clinically proven anti-aging ingredients, many of which are inspired by skincare – think Hyaluronic Acid, Resveratrol, and Bioflavonoids. The carefully picked ingredients help renew cells more quickly and nourish hair from follicles to ends to extend hair's growth cycle. Restore is their all-in-one anti-ager as it’s formulated to cleanse, treat, and condition the scalp and hair in one step.

Julien Farel Restore

Julien Farel Restore