Multi-Purpose Beauty Balms for Spring

Keys, phone, wallet… multi-purpose balm?

New York City finally seems to be getting the memo that it is Springtime, and is getting ready to get on the go with warmer weather. As you shed the layers and start traveling light with those new cross body bags and clutches are not exactly “carry-alls”, what beauty products should make the cut? 

If you’re going to stock your purse with anything, make it a multi-purpose balm and ditch the lip balm. Whether you’re running from the office to a lunch meeting or meeting a cutie at the park, these balms can be a life-saver when, let’s say, those new d’Orsay flats rub your heels the wrong way or humidity strikes and pesky flyaways pop up.

These little beauty balms are extremely moisturizing and packed with vitamins to soften and protect your skin, hair, nails, etc. Here are some not-so-obvious (ahem, lip balm) uses for all-purpose balms:


Glowing Makeup

Bobbi Brown Extra Soothing Balm, $60,

Cakey makeup is the last thing you want to notice when you’re running out the door. Rub a tiny amount of balm on your finger tips and tap lightly over your foundation/blush/eyeshadow to gently blend for an instant glow.

Soothe Earrings

Glossier Balm Dotcom, $12,

When your earrings decide to play a nasty game of tug of war, apply some balm on your ears right before putting your jewelry back on. This will help soothe the sensitive skin there an prevent further rubbing and irritation.


Paul & Joe Beaute Treatment Balm, $27,

Warmer weather has us throwing our hair up into ponytails and buns, but flyaway are inevitable. If you don’t have hairspray or gel on hand, a little all-purpose balm will tame your hair just as well.


Split Ends

Jurlique Love Balm, $10,

Going for a polished look? That means taking care of flyaway and frayed/brittle ends. Most balms contain hydrating oils that instantly smooth over split ends.

Dry Skin

Erno Laszlo ‘Phormula 3-9’ Repair Balm, $255,

Just because it’s not freezing cold anymore does not mean dry skin magically vanishes. Take care of dry patches on your face (chafed nose, anyone?) and body with a multi-balm like this one from Erno Laszlo that promotes skin cell renewal while helping skin retain hydration.


Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Cream Oil, $28,

Treat a sunburn before it can develop into anything worse by quenching your skin in nourishing argan oil. Red, irritated skin is the last thing you should be dealing with.

Under Eye Cream

Weleda Skin Food, $19,

As it warms up and your nights go on longer (bring on happy hour!), puffy under eye bags start to appear. Use a light tapping motion with a hydrating balm to refresh your eyes whenever they need a pick-me-up.


Butter LONDON ‘Backstage Basics’ Hydrating Balm, $24,

Kiss dry knuckles, cuticles, and hands goodbye. The moisturizers in these all-purpose balms penetrate deep into your skin to leave even dry, neglected knees and elbows supple. 


Lush Ultrabalm, $13.95,

A little mid-day brow touch up never hurt anyone. The balm will instantly make brows groomed, and we all know how important brows are for framing the face!



Air Repair Rescue Balm, $12,

A new season means new shoes, and sunshine means more walks in the park. If you feel a blister forming, do not hesitate to apply a little ointment (under a bandaid if you like) to prevent the skin from further rubbing and/or popping the blister - ouch


Multi-purpose balms have been the savvy girl’s beauty secret for ages, and it’s time to get in on the action. Running around town all day and looking glamorous has never been so easy.

Next time you step out the door, ask yourself: keys, phone, wallet, balm!