Stylist Spotlight: Cristina Boatman

Not Just A Side Job

Few people can say that they found their calling in their college side job. Even fewer can say that that passion brought them to both coasts, to the Midwest, and overseas. This is what makes stylist Cristina Boatman’s story so intriguing. 

After enrolling in cosmetology school to help pay for her education, Cristina soon learned about the opportunities that beauty work could open up for her and decided to pursue it full time. She started out doing hair in San Diego then moved to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina where she juggled working in a salon, training to be salon manager, and styling for destination weddings at local resorts. After a few years, consumed again by wanderlust, Cristina flew across the pond to participate in the Sassoon International Masters’ program with Mark Hayes in London. Her education there led her to a job in Chicago with Antonio Favaro, who she credits today as her greatest mentor. Four years later, Cristina moved once more, this time settling in New York City for editorial stylist classes with Marco Santini and Leonardo Manetti.

Today, Cristina works at Takamichi Hair where she cuts hair, styles hair, and practices editorial styling. She also works freelance for Shalom Sharon and has assisted her mentors Santini and Manetti with several fashion shows and presentations. With Cristina in the Big Apple, we were lucky to get the chance to chat with the talented stylist about her life at the chair and beyond.

What is your favorite cut to give?

At the moment, I'm really enjoying the “non-mom-bob.” The non-mom-bob is a longer tousled bob (think Alexa Chung). It’s the perfect cut for summer -- effortlessly chic. I think I also like saying it!

What is your favorite part of being a hair stylist?

What I love the most about being a hair stylist is the relationships I build.  Some of my greatest friendships have started right at the chair.

Who is your hair crush?

Hmmm...there are so many! But I would have to say Lola Rykiel, Parisian love columnist for Harper’s Bazaar.  In true french fashion, Lola always looks effortless at any length. You can check out “Lola on Love” on

What do you do when you are not styling? 

I try to travel as much as possible when I'm not styling. I also really enjoy art. I loved the 2015 Triennial Surround Audience co-curated by New Museum, especially the work of Lena Henke.  I find inspiration from art and my travels.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one beauty product there with you, what would it be?

Davines Oi Oil—it's the only product I use consistently.  It's moisturizing and keeps my hair shiny and frizz free.