David Babaii’s Go-To Style for Date Night


David Babaii’s Go-To Style for Date Night

There’s a reason so many boho chic starlettes flock to celebrity hairstylist David Babaii and why he’s a natural fit for Vive.  While Babaii embodies the epitome of professionalism, he remains uniquely playful, affable, and stylish. As David puts it, “My job is to make women feel beautiful. There isn’t a better job than that!” 

When preparing for special occasions, women often feel the extra need to look beautiful. In particular, date nights can present added stress in trying to achieve the perfect style. When asked about date nights, Babaii tells us, “Whether you just broke up with someone and are spending ‘date night’ with your friends, whether you’re going out for a first date, or whether you’re meeting a long-term lover, there’s one look that’s my all-time go-to for date nights. And that’s bohemian soft waves.”

Babaii describes this look as sexy and sensual, but soft spoken. “Kate Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jennifer Lawrence are just a few of my muses for this style and it’s definitely one of my favorite signature looks,” notes Babaii. “There is so much hype around date nights, which in turn makes people ‘overdo it.’ I think it’s important not to look like you’re trying too hard. You want your date to notice you, not your blowout. If you look at many of those beautiful older photographs and classic oil paintings you won’t see Gwyneth Paltrow-type pin straight hair.”

Better yet, for time-crunched women a boho-chic, non-constructed look can be achieved in 35 to 40 minutes (including washing) and it’s easy to maintain for up to three days. “The key to maintain this look is to invest in a great curling iron. I love ghd because their heat styling tools max out at 360 degrees. They have their own lab in Cambridge where they do extensive research and they found that 360 degrees is the maximum temperature where tools will perform without damaging the hair. Their curlers also evenly distribute heat. Unlike most other tools, they also keep hair healthy, boost shine and won’t reduce color. Many women don’t realize that because heat styling products open the hair cuticle they can let the color slide off. Lastly, since these tools don’t strip or burn your hair you won’t need to use a heat protecting product.” 

Using your curling iron at home can help you maintain and extend the life of your style. Babaii recommends looking for the waves that have weakened. “Take those waves one at a time, from the tip of the ends in the direction the wave is already going and wrap it around your curling tool. Count to three and then slide the hair out and kind of shake it.” Next, he suggests letting your hair cool the way you want it to set (e.g. tight or loose), but always remembering to wrap in the direction the wave was originally set. “You don’t need a brush for this look. The warmth of your hand is enough to manipulate the waves. I do this wave on Kate Hudson a lot. I simply use my fingers, like a rake, to stretch the wave out – no one wants a big brush look for date night!” 

So next time you're getting ready for a date night with that special someone, consider taking Babaii’s advice and aim for those soft boho-chic waves. 

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