Vive Hacks: 5 Easy Fixes for Dry Hair

Vive Hair Hacks: 5 Easy Fixes for Dry Hair

March is here and it finally feels like spring. While winter may bring some of our favorite holidays, frigid temperatures and dry weather can leave your hair tired and brittle. Healthy, shiny hair can be a year-round challenge. From dry, itchy scalp to static that defies gravity, here are some quick fixes to keep your hair looking its very best.

1. Damaged, Brittle Hair: Moisture is key. An easy solution is sleeping in a deep-conditioning hair mask to deeply penetrate the hair cuticle and help hair soak up extra nutrients overnight. A shower cap or towel will keep product on your hair and away from your pillowcase. Additionally, you should remember to trim every 6-8 weeks to prevent those dreaded split ends.

2. Itchy, Dry Scalp: Dry weather zaps moisture out of the air, as well as your hair and skin. This results in dreaded dandruff and an itchy scalp. Brushing your hair before bed will distribute natural oil from your scalp. Follow through with a hydrating shampoo in the shower. Added moisture will help combat dry, flaky skin.

3. Static: Dry air is to blame for electrical charge in your hair, it contributes to frizz and static locks. Anti-frizz cream or a lightweight hair serum on just your ends will weigh down fly-aways. If all else fails, running a simple dry sheet on your strands will do the trick.

4. The Dreaded Hat Hair: As much as you love your beanie, hat hair can pose a frustrating challenge. In order to avoid hat hair, never wear a hat when your hair is wet. Trying an anti-static and moisturizing spray, such as R+Co Foil Frizz & Static Control Spray will keep your style smooth.

5. Lack of Volume: It’s time to rethink dry shampoo. Not only is dry shampoo great for removing excess oil from hair, it can also act as a volumizer. Flip your head over and concentrate spraying at the roots. Finish by lightly spraying all over for extra texture and volume.

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