Stylist Spotlight: Faith Huffnagle

Faith Huffnagle

Faith Huffnagle

Hometown: Buffalo, NY


Beauty Specialty: Cuts, Color and Styling


Personal style: A mixture of girly, soft colors during the day and bold black and gold on nights out


Ice Cream Flavor that describes her personality: Strawberry Cheesecake because it’s a refreshing flavor with something luxurious about it. 




I went down to Williamsburg to speak with Faith Huffnagle, one of VIVE’s most talented and charismatic stylists, about her experiences as a hair stylist. When Faith isn’t working with VIVE, she can be found styling hair at Dream Dry in Manhattan and cutting or coloring hair at Hello Beautiful Salon in Brooklyn. Faith has also written articles about hair styling and hair care for Women’s Health, POPSUGAR Beauty and Metro.

Summer: What happens on your typical day?

Faith: As someone in the beauty industry, it’s really important that my hair and makeup are done well every single day. I don’t spend hours getting ready, but make sure that my hair and makeup look good. Once I’m ready and dressed, I head to work!

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I love the fact that I have total control over what I do and my schedule. Once I enter the salon, I’m in my world and I’m in control of what’s going on. All my other problems fade into the background. At the end of the day, I’m so happy that this job I love actually pays my bills too.

A beautiful braided updo styled by Faith

A beautiful braided updo styled by Faith

I’m sure you must have some crazy stories from all your 11 years as a stylist. What is the craziest hairstyle that you’ve done?

I had a guy come in who requested a haircut to make him look like he had brain surgery! I had no idea what this even looked like. He had watched a movie where a character had brain surgery, so his hair had been shaved off where the surgeons had cut into his skull. The shaved sections needed to be 2 weeks grown in relation to the rest of his hair! It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

Wow! That’s definitely a unique request. Did he enjoy the cut?

Well because it was really close to Halloween, I thought it was part of his Halloween costume. However, 2 months later, he comes back in requesting the same exact thing! I guess I must have done a good job, haha.

So, how do you find your inspiration for different styles and cuts?

Honestly, I get my inspiration just from living in New York City. Everywhere you go, you see amazing hair and clothes. I try to keep a lookout for fun, new trends and then transfer them into my work.

If you were going on vacation and could only bring three beauty products, what would they be?

There are so many different things! I would definitely bring my Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo & Conditioner. They can count as one product, right? I color my hair, so I need these products to provide color protection from the sun. Then, I would bring DevaCurl Styling Crème because I have curly hair and it needs to be kept moisturized. My third would be Oribe’s Après Beach Spray. I love that spray. It smells amazing and it has loads of oils so it gives you beach hair without dehydrating your hair. 

Who is your dream client?

It would have to be Gwen Stefani. I’m obsessed with her. Her hair is perfectly bleached, so I wouldn’t do anything with her color, but I would love to give her a cut.

I’d like to give a huge thanks to Faith for taking the time from her busy schedule to speak with me and for being so much fun. You can see more photos of Faith’s work by checking out her Instagram @houseofhuffx and her website: