Don't Panic: Spotting Those First Gray Hairs

Spotting your first gray hair can be stressful. No one wants a clear reminder that even your hair has begun to change with age. Grays can start appearing as early as in your twenties and you will likely be asking yourself what to do about this new development.

Contrary to popular belief, it has not been proven that stress causes gray hair. Stress, however, can lead to temporary hair loss, which in turn, leads hair to grow back less pigmented than the original strands. Plucking individual gray hairs will not lead to many more growing back in its place as the myth tells us, but you may want to start considering a longer term solution.

So, what actually causes gray hair? Gray hair is based on genetics and can also be triggered by certain lifestyle habits such as smoking and B12 vitamin deficiencies. Half of all people have a significant amount of gray hair by the time they turn fifty. While premature graying may frighten you, it is rarely an indicator of a medical issue and may even be reversible by making small lifestyle changes!

Although dying grays continues to be the most common approach, embracing the “gray look,” or natural gray hair, has recently become a trendy option. Autumn/winter fashion shows debuted a lot of hair color inspiration. Platinum hues have been a favorite among celeb icons and top fashion show style boards including Balmain and Marc Jacobs, and the granny hair trend has been seen on many celebs ranging from Nicole Richie to Cara Delevingne.

If you prefer to dye your hair a non-gray hue, remember to conceal unwanted roots. Take advantage of affordable and super easy touch-up products to protect your beautiful salon hue between styling appointments. Airbrush sprays, blending wands, and root cover up powders work for any hair color and texture. Some of our favorites include the L'Oréal Paris Root Cover Up and the Josh Wood blending wand.

If you embrace your natural grays, keep in mind that natural gray hair is dryer than originally pigmented strands. Treat your hair with high-moisture masks to restore youthful resiliency and elegant shine. Let your personality shine through with a modern haircut and style. Ask your hairstylist at your next Vive appointment about what haircut options are right for you.