YouTube Tutorials for Everyday Hairstyles

With the end of Paris Fashion Week and red carpet glamour, the beginning of 2016 has shown how waves continue to dominate hair trends this year. Whether or not you rely on blowouts to achieve celebrity-inspired style, we have put together some YouTube tutorials for basic styling techniques that will allow you to extend the life of your blowout and create chic looks at home.

Learn curling iron techniques and pick up a few pointers from these handpicked stylists and beauty gurus. Effortless and appropriate for any occasion, these hairstyles will add a little glamour to your everyday look. 

Everyday waves 

Lauren Conrad’s lifestyle brand is dedicated to all things lovely and chic. As a fashion and beauty expert, Lauren's “how to” hair tutorials show beginners and pros how to tackle her favorite Cali-inspired looks. In this quick video see how Lauren styles her signature waves. Remember to prime your hair to create the right texture and provide heat protection. You should also remember to curl your hair away from the face to achieve a natural look. 

Boho chic style 

Anna Wintour calls him the "King of Curl." Vive Global Brand Ambassador David Babaii walks us through styling today’s trendy boho chic waves. In this video, Babaii shows us how using a tapered barrel curling iron can create loose and sexy bohemian waves. Remember to run your fingers through your hair to break up the waves and produce a natural, soft look without the use of product.

Three curls in 5 minutes 

Kayley Melissa is a seasoned beauty vlogger with creative tutorials for today's trendiest hairstyles. From soft curls to elaborate runway-inspired updos, Kayley makes styling accessible with step-by-step tutorials. Watch this short video for three easy curl techniques, each resulting in unique wavy looks.

Ballerina bun 

Whether you feel updo inspiration or whether you want a style for the last day of your blowout, this video shows you how to create a simple and chic ballerina bun. Kristin Ess, Lauren’s long-time stylist and co-founder of The Beauty Department, guides us through this classic look. Note how a backcombed ponytail creates the volume needed for this stunning bun.


We hope you enjoyed these video tutorials. For more haircare tips and styling advice from industry experts, follow us on Instagram @vive.  #nobadhairdays