Improvements Underway at Vive

Dear Vive Community,

Thank you for a great first six months! Your enthusiasm and feedback has directly contributed to helping us build a service that makes your life easier and, of course, more beautiful. As we are coming out of beta, I’m thrilled to share that our technology has improved and the Vive iPhone app(!) is almost here. In learning more about what you need, we’ve also expanded our membership offerings to give you a higher quality of service and more options.  

What you’re looking for: better salons and more blowouts
While we knew Vive was filling a void, we underestimated how behavior-changing access to unlimited blowouts would be. We’ve also learned that more than 50% of all Vive bookings are made within 24-hours or less of appointment time. It all makes sense, looking great makes us feel great, and with our incredibly busy lives, plans change freely and quickly (though great hair is always a must!).

In order to provide you with ongoing and immediate access to the best salon experiences, we’ve expanded our network of salon partners, while maintaining stringent criteria for the establishments we let into the Vive network (and how they maintain their standing).

Speaking of salons, we just published our first Vive Salon Report last week.  

We are committed to partnering with exceptional salons; becoming your go-to partner for gorgeous hair, everyday.

I’m pleased to present Vive’s new membership offerings, effective immediately:

The Occasion: $65 for two blowouts per month
If blowouts aren’t a part of your regular routine, just special occasions, this one’s for you.

The Essential: $125 for four blowouts per month
We've got you covered from every Friday night on the town to your Monday morning meeting with an average of a blowout per week, or however you’d like to use them throughout the month

The Lifestyle: $175 for unlimited blowouts
Great hair, from the best salons in your city, all the time, plus special events and early access to new products and services.

No matter which membership you choose, you’ll always be getting high quality Vive-vetted salons, with a very high chance of last minute booking. For existing Vive beta members, you will automatically be grandfathered into The Essential membership at $99 per month, for the duration of your membership . For new members, these prices go into effect immediately.

Keeping Vive Great
Vive will always provide accessible, convenient blowouts at the absolute best salons in your city. While our beta offering of $99 Unlimited membership had to end, we put an enormous amount of time, energy and research into these new offerings and know that they are truly tailored to our growing client base’s varying needs.

Thank you so much for being a part of our community and supporting our mission of #NoBadHairDays!


Alanna and Team Vive