Innovator Series: Get Ready With Jordan Murray

Say hello to our new series where we spotlight the babes of New York and Chicago, with locks so lush they make us giddy. First up is Jordan Murray, the TriBeCa dwelling bombshell, with a shiny golden mane nearly as impressive as the mind beneath it. An avid reader and yoga-enthusiast, meet the Elite Model who pulls off beach-wave nonchalance without an ocean in sight. 

Who are you?

My friends call me Jordy

Hi Jordy, where are you from?
I'm rather miserable at answering this because I've never lived anywhere for more than seven years. I was born of the states, somewhere in the North East. Then Atlanta and Pittsburg briefly, before chasing a boy to Australia. But New York is home. Somehow I feel like it's always been home waiting to find me. 

What's your favourite emoji?
The lightening bolt, so versatile.

You're not wrong. Walk us through your beauty regime?
Washing my face when I get home is my favorite part of the day, but unfortunately I'm a tad lazy. A Korean style 10 step routine couldn't be further out of the question. I want my face wash to take off everything, makeup and car smog be gone! Then tone and moisturize with various Evan Healy products. If you live in a city, you need a toner. End of story. I'll also exfoliate or do a honey mask a few nights a week.  Finally eye cream if I remember. I've started keeping it near my bed so I have less of an excuse. I like Dr. Hauschka's but I don't quite know if it's doing anything yet... I'll report back in 15 years. My hair is much easier, wash it at night, wrap it in a towel, and try to never brush it when it's dry. It ruins the texture.

You get five hair products for the rest of your life. What are they?
Okay, shampoo and conditioner obviously. I like Pureology but anything free of sulfates will due. John Masters Organic Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray and Klorane Dry Shampoo. I haven't found an all natural one yet that works any better than baby powder, and the French really seem to know what they're doing as far as lived in hair goes... Finally Oribe Après Beach Spray incase of emergency bad hair day or to use as perfume. Shhhh.

What were the three last things you googled?
"Tracey Chapman recent photos", "Balmain for H&M collection" and "How to get coffee out of white linen". 

What's the best piece of advice another woman has given you?
Take your pleasure seriously.

What advice would you give your daughter?
Beauty first, brains second. Ha, kidding. Also you owe it to all the generations of women before you for the ongoing fight against inequality. 

You have 24 hours in New York and 24 dollars, what do you do?
This reminds me of being fresh to the city with no friends or savings. A twenty in New York can make you feel very rich or very poor depending on how creative you are. PS. This day is a Friday as they're my favourite. I'd go for a morning walk downtown and over the Williamsburg Bridge, stopping for coffee at Cafe Grumpy. I'd wander through the thrift stores of Greenpoint, before taking then the L back to Union Square when the coffee buzz wears off. Maybe an apple and another coffee at the farmer's market. Then a (pay-by-donation) yoga class down in St. Marks, stopping at The Strand Bookstore on the way to molest all the discounted books out the front. After yoga, I'd walk towards Chelsea to wander through The Whitney (again, by donation - on Fridays after 6). Then a stroll on The Highline until the tourists and pram-pushers overwhelmed me. Finally, I'd stop into Souen Soho for the macro bowl to takeaway, then invite my girls over for wines (it's BYO today obviously) and chats on the roof.