New Year New Do? See Your New Hair Color BEFORE You Dye It!

Welcome, 2015! New Years resolutions are in full swing and self-improvement has probably crossed your mind. Maybe you’ve always wondered what your hair might look like with a drastic change? A new look can be a great way to draw out inner confidence. But are you really ready to rock a new look or could this be a New Year’s impulse gone awry?

Enter Kolorbar’s digital makeover preview - a unique simulation software that virtually transforms the color of your hair. VIVE visited Kolorbar NYC to see first hand what the buzz was about. The salon offers the cutting edge technology for professional color analysis, style changes, and makeup application so you can preview changes to your look before they take place. We quickly realized this is Ideal for anyone looking to revamp his or her look but a little timid of how it may turn out (including ourselves!), so we gave it a try.

The selection of potential color options. 

The selection of potential color options. 

After submitting a headshot and discussing our wildest color fantasies with a stylist, we were presented with some of color options. We were shocked at how real the transformation looked.

After the hair style at Kolorbar.

After the hair style at Kolorbar.

The renderings change the client’s own hair to different shades, making it easy to see contrast to skin tone. The results were fun to see; a few colors were written off (permanently), but we also found some new hues to keep in mind. Ultimately no big color leap was made, but we did upgrade with some fresh highlights and a healthy cut leaving refreshed and ready to tackle 2015.

 The service is great for brides to see potential updos, young adventurers considering a vivid hue such as blue, or professionals looking to make a subtle shift for improvement. Their app allows customers to essentially change their hair color, cut, style and even makeup so they can see the transformation before their appointment starts.

 Why not color in confidence?!

More about Kolorbar NYC

This multi-faceted, creative and energetic hair salon has proven they are here to stay. Irena hired stylists who have been in the business for over 10 years and trained at the finest institutions in Europe. Our knowledgeable stylist, Mariana does color and blowouts for Catherine Malandrino. Hopefully this means we can be as fashionable as her!

Kolorbar hosts a Girl's Night every Tuesday for blowouts where they will be offering champagne. VIVE is excited to include them in our consortium of top NYC salons for 2015.