Mental Health Benefits of Blowouts

Wasn’t it Thomas Jefferson who famously said, “When angry count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to a hundred”?  Well, it has never been clearer that dear TJ lived before the all-curing blowout was invented, because there is absolutely no negative emotion, from anger to depression to anxiety, that can’t be healed by the sweet, sweet chair of a hair salon.  Counting to a hundred just so seems so primitive when the therapeutic wonders of a fresh ‘do and salon cheer await.  Below are the various mood-boosting effects a blow-out can bring to nearly any mental-health malady.*  

Calming – in a world where we’re all constantly expected to count every calorie, work out at least two hours a day (Ahem, Tracy Anderson!), and still manage to be nurturing mothers with A-list careers, it’s a miracle we’re not all walking around with severe stress and anxiety disorders.  Amidst all this pressure and chaos, it’s a blessing and a gift knowing at the very least we can face each day with stylistic support and control over the hair on our heads.

Confidence-Boosting – Fired? Dumped?  Disowned by your parents?  As bitter as those sensations of rejection may be, nothing makes a girl feel as invincible as the perfect coiffe.  Even seemingly-fearless Hilary Clinton might not have the gusto to shoot for the White House without that perfect set she’s been rocking for the last three decades.  No matter what setback life throws your way, walking around with the knowledge that your hair is unstoppable can often cause that confidence to trickle down to the rest of you. 

Productivity-Inducing – Where, if not a salon chair, are we expected to get an hour of quiet that allows us to catch up on work presentations, creative thought, and emails?  A library, your boyfriend might say?  Starbucks?  Those smell bad and often attract homeless people – we’d prefer to work in a salon and leave looking a thousand times better, thank you very much.  It’s all about the multi-tasking. 

Bonding – It’s especially essential during these dark winter months that women stick together and fight the seasonal affective disorder fight as one.  Resist the urge to subsist on Seamless deliveries and make sure you’re connecting with the outside world in your nearest salon environment.  Remember, the Real Housewives of New York City are not your actual friends.  Turn off the Bravo and hurry to a salon where you can live, laugh, and love! 

*Please note none of these claims have been scientifically or psychologically proven; blow-out science is still an unchartered territory, and the best we can do to corroborate any of this is rely on personal experience.