Top Hair Masks to Nourish Your Hair

Best Hair Masks

Were not trying to tell you how to relax, but can we just say, do it with a hair mask. Do you watch Netflix, online shop, or enjoy a glass of wine (or two)? Between us - so do we.

Give your hair a little pampering while you have me time because between blowouts and flat irons, our hair is working overtime making us look good. Come winter, a good hair day makes us stand out from the sea of black wool coats and red, runny noses. So treat yourself and your strands to a little TLC.

Hair masks can target specific problems and can be found at every price point. A tub has enough product to last almost a dozen or more applications depending on hair length, thickness, and how often you use it. So why not get out there and find the perfect mask for you?  Our brand name recommendations are below, as well as a homemade alternatives with pantry staples you may already have at home such as olive oil and bananas. These are generally a one-time use once whipped up. Next time youre out for groceries, you just might find yourself thinking hair mask ingredients rather than dinner ingredients!


Tips on application: For even coverage over your whole head, tackle your hair one section at a time and wrap your head in a warm towel/plastic wrap. The recommended time may say 15 minutes. If you want to leave your mask in for the next episode of House of Cards, we wont tell (we do it, too). Shampoo and condition as usual afterwards. You can also spot treat with a hair mask daily by applying it only to problem areas like brittle ends. Otherwise, stick to indulging yourself one to two times a weak to avoid weighing down your hair with too much conditioning and waste product.

If youre thinking about investing in your hairs future, heres where to start... 

Best Hair Masks For Dry Hair 

Buy: LOréal Oleo Therapy Deep Recovery Mask, $8.99, 

First of all, if you ever wanted your hair to smell like fresh flowers (it reminds us of roses, chamomile, and gardenias), you need this. L'Oréal's treatment has 6 precious flower oils that leave your hair soft and silky. This is our go-to, affordable weekly treatment that is perfect for hair that could use a little pick-me-up. 

Make: Coconut Oil Mask

Grab some extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil - easily found in Whole Foods - and warm a dollop in your hands to work into your strands. For more fun, add in a ripe banana and a tablespoon of honey for a delicious smelling and moisturizing mask. Plus, coconut oil is just great to have on hand for other beauty treatments like body oil, cuticle cream, etc. Its amazing the difference a little coco-love makes.


Best Hair Masks For Damaged Hair

Buy: Kiehl’s Oilve Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak, $25,

Avocado oil, lemon extract, and olive fruit oil conditions and strengthens hair thats been damaged by heat styling, chemical-processing, and more. If you find yourself firing up your curling iron or flat iron every morning even before you turn on the coffee maker, reach for this mask to help you hair both restore and protect itself for future damage. 

Make: Honey, Olive Oil and Avacado Hair Masks

In a bowl, mash the flesh of one ripe avocado, one tablespoon of honey, and two tablespoons of olive oil together. Avocado and olive oil work absolute magic on dry, brittle hair, and honey is naturally full of antioxidants and nutrients that can help replenish hair follicles. These ingredients are both good to eat and good for you locks, so why wouldntt we stock them in our kitchen?


Best Hair Masks For Colored Hair 

Buy: Phyto Phytocitrus Color Protect Radiance Mask, $39,

Very few things are as satisfying as sitting in a salon chair admiring your glossy, new hair color. Extend and boost the pigments by using a mask like Phytos to keep the color radiant even weeks past the salon. The grapefruit extract restores the hairs pH level lost at the cuticle to preserve the color, and almond proteins strengthen hair fibers for strong locks even after being chemically treated.

Make: Banana Honey Egg Yolk Mask 

If you have ever tried an egg face mask, youll know that using the egg yolk moisturizes and using the egg white tightens and soaks up oil. The same can be said for hair - using egg yolk on your hair adds major moisture, just dont rinse with super hot water to avoid scrambled eggs! The potassium in bananas is great for strengthening hair without weighing it down, and honey, as mentioned before, helps hair follicles. When your hair is chemically processed, it can feel thinner, so the banana is perfect in this mask. 


Making your own hair treatment is easy - so is running out to the store or buying products online. Once youve got your preferred hair mask in hand, all there is left to do is choose which guilty pleasure TV show and which bottle of wine to open up.