Vive Hacks: Vive Women Give Men Their REAL Thoughts

Looking to impress a special someone with a fresh look? Or maybe you’re just contemplating a new cut? No matter what, the style that you think is the epitome of hot might be the very thing that turns her off. After all, its commonly said that men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and men’s grooming is no exception.

To prevent future cross-gender miscommunication, VIVE surveyed women ages 25 and up on their true opinions of different men’s cuts and styles, leaving out the typical pleasantries and compliments. Here’s what our results revealed:

1) There’s way too much pomp in the Pompadour

Left: Elvis first popularized the male pompadour. Right: Bruno Mars rocks a modern take of the pompadour

Left: Elvis first popularized the male pompadour. Right: Bruno Mars rocks a modern take of the pompadour

The pompadour, named after Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XV of France, was first popularized as a men’s cut by Elvis Presley, with his iconic high-gel and high-volume style. More recently, celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Bruno Mars, David Beckham and Conan O’Brien have sported a modern take of the pompadour to critical acclaim. However, the stylishness of the pompadour may actually work against itself, as over 62% of the surveyed women thought men with a pompadour cut were either “overly trendy” or “trying too hard.” In fact, women preferred bald men to men with a Pompadour style – a fact that’s definitely worth keeping in mind at your next hair appointment. 

Pauly D styles his hair in a photo shot by Terry Richardson

Pauly D styles his hair in a photo shot by Terry Richardson

2) Gel is a big no-no

Liberal gel usage was a major turn-off to 97% of women surveyed. Thank the huge and highly gelled locks of Jersey Shore’s finest, Pauly D, for the overwhelming consensus on hair gel, as the majority of women cited “too guido” as the reason for their dislike.

3) Play it safe with neatly combed hair

Neatly combed hair is often perceived as a hairstyle sported by boring and socially awkward men. In fact, 83% of women found neat hair an attractive look, describing it as either “smart and sexy” or  “cutely geeky.” However, bear in mind that neatly combed hair can easily swing both ways; your clothes and general deportment will decide whether a woman sees your neat hair as cute or just plain awkward. Dress and act sharp, and you’re sure to be a hit with a ladies!

4) Let your true colors show

George Clooney makes grey hair look hot.

George Clooney makes grey hair look hot.

While you may obsess over the appearance of a grey hair, ultimately women don’t care if you’re starting to show those telltale signs of age. Only 9% of women found men with dyed hair attractive, and on the whole, women preferred men who embraced their age with a natural salt and pepper look to those who tried to mask their greys. One woman even said that silver foxes like George Clooney were her biggest turn on in men’s hair.


Here are some other interesting findings:

Which celebrity was voted with the hottest hair? 

It’s a tie: David Beckham & Ryan Gosling.

What was voted as the best style: Side-swept

Women just love that slightly messy, side-swept style that screams a certain devil-may-care confidence.

What was voted as them worst style: long hair

Women tend to associate long hair with greasy, straggly and stringy hair – not exactly an ideal look.