Salon Spotlight: Salon 833

Salon 833 Chicago is a premium, full-service salon, uniting Chicago’s finest fashion-forward team. Inside, the salon is beautiful and pristine. The team brings over fifteen years of experience to every woman who steps into the salon, priding themselves in creating and maintaining healthy and beautiful hair crafted for each guest. Salon 833 Chicago has made the choice to partner with only the best beauty product lines, with the finest ingredients,  an environmentally conscience and always sulphate and paraben free. After sitting down for an interview with Salon 833’s Lisa Caputo, we are sure that it is the perfect destination for Chicago's confident and glamourous women!

Provide a description of your salon.

A luxury boutique hair salon

Tell us about a detail that makes your salon special.

The details are simple, as soon as our guests are welcomed, they feel at home. All of our guests are a part of our salon family.

What drives your salon's mission?

Our salon mission is inspired everyday by each guest we visit with and is driven by our passion and satisfaction to make every guest feel confident and beautiful.


How would you describe your typical client?

A typical Salon 833 client is mainly a young business professional.

How should a guest expect to feel after coming to your salon?

Confident and beautiful!

What are the top trends you're seeing right now?

Top trends that we see most current at this time is more of a polished but lived-in nonchalant look, we love it, because it is an easy look to achieve in salon and duplicated at home.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty is what anyone wants it to be!


Surprise us! Tell us something about your salon that we wouldn't have known otherwise.

Our name "Salon 833" is actually our address, I chose to use numbers in the name, because it doesn't have a meaning or an expectation. I didn't want our name to have to live up to any kind of expectations – that's not what our salon is about. Tt is about each guest, their experience and their individual beauty results.

What are your must-have products/tools?

An absolute must-have tool is a blowdryer paired with a favorite texture spray


Along with their fabulous style blow outs, Salon 833 offers Balayage Hair Coloring, highlights, extensions and so much more! The salon is open 12pm- 9pm Tuesday- Thursday and 9pm- 5pm on Saturdays. Make sure to put Salon 833 on your must-go-to Salon list and discover what makes them one of Chicago Vivers favorite salons!