Salon Spotlight: Interview with Ammon Carver

Salon Spotlight: Interview with Ammon Carver

Ammon Carver Studio was an early adopter of VIVE. After hearing about this salon through word of mouth, VIVE stopped in to see if they had what it takes for a good blowout. Time and time again they’ve nailed it.

No sign on front, the second floor establishment feels like a secret spot among the treetops known only to the beauty experts and the trade. Walking in, you immediately feel like you’re a part of something special. Both salon and studio – this is where the artists work. All of the tools are here. The studio can take on beauty, fashion, editorial, entertainment, and private gatherings. It is interactive and ready to mold to accommodate the next exciting opportunity when these worlds intersect.

Before founding his studio, Ammon Carver gained recognition in the hair and beauty industry for his refined aesthetic, continued passion and portfolio of flawless looks and is one of the most highly regarded hair stylists in the business. 

We caught up with Ammon to hear more about his journey and what makes his studio so unique…


Every founder knows that success isn’t linear, tell us a bit about how you got into the hair industry and when you knew it was your calling.   

My journey has been no exception.  Originally from Utah, I was training show horses when I stumbled upon the unique, cool, passion filled group of people….hairstylist.  I immediately realized that was what I was supposed to do and changed my whole life to pursue this. 


You’re a new salon owner, tell us about your career in the beauty industry and what led you to open your own business.

While juggling my work in salons, doing education and working as a session stylist on photoshoots, I began to cultivate what my next steps were for myself.  I thought why not open a place where I can combine all of the different aspects of my career and offer my stylists and clients alike a unique experience including the salon, a photo studio and education opportunities for my staff.  Recently joining the L’ANZA Healing Haircare team as Creative Director, L’ANZA believed in this concept and has been a great support. 


You’ve curated an innovative studio both in style and function. Tell us a little about how your studio is designed. 

We are a truly a hybrid hair salon and photo studio.  So our salon clients often get to experience a photo shoot when coming in for services.  We also use the space for education classes and events. 


How did you envision it being used and what advantages have you discovered from having this setup?

In coming up with the concept, I wasn’t sure if it would actually work!  But it has indeed worked seamlessly and created a unique experience that our clients seem to love. 


You have an amazing staff, all very talented, how have you passed on your knowledge to others? Sharing my knowledge with others is one of my life goals. 

It’s great to be able to do that with my staff daily as well as by exposing them to the L’ANZA Healing Haircare education curriculum.  


What is the most important thing you do you take into account when addressing  a client’s styling needs and requests? Listening and asking the right questions are key. 

Like any relationship, communication is so important.  After you are clear on what it is they are saying, then you can give your expert perspective as well. 


You’ve been nominated 5 times by the North American Hairstyling Awards for Editorial Stylist of the Year. It sounds so glamorous, what was your most exciting haircutting experience thus far?

The best moment that I have had was when a new client came into the salon and pulled out a picture of a haircut she wanted…..and it was my work from a shoot earlier that year! 


Will we be hearing more from you about your expertise in haircare?

As long as I continue to be blessed with this platform for my voice to be heard….i will continue to share my experiences!