How to Stay Sunkissed the WHOLE Year

There’s no denying that we're well into the fall season, but we here at VIVE are still clinging to those glorious memories of hot summer days in the Hamptons. While you may have given up the well-worn shorts of summer for some trusty jeans, there’s no need to let go of that bronzed summer glow just yet. To help you stay sunkissed all year long, VIVE investigates the best ways to “fake it ‘til you make it.”

Sprays vs. Rays

Today, the two most popular ways to fake tan are spray tanning and UV tanning beds. But what are the health risks and which will leave you with the best looking tan?

UV tanning beds recreate conditions of natural sunlight, resulting in a real and even tan. However, excess exposure to UV radiation not only discolors and ages the skin, but also is known to cause cancer.

While it may require more frequent maintenance to achieve that perfect shade of bronze, spray tanning is a much healthier option in the long-term. Some critics of spray tans cite the potential danger of chemicals in such products, but today there are so many organic and vegan alternatives to choose from. You can also go for a customized airbrush spray tan to look perfectly tanned and toned.

Best NYC Salons

Are you ready to rock a gorgeous golden glow? Check out our selection of the top tanning salons in NYC below:

Best Tanning Products

If you don’t have time to visit a salon and are feeling adventurous, self-tanner is the way to go. However, finding a trustworthy product that won’t leave you with a streaky orange glow can be a major challenge. To save you the trouble, VIVE sifted through the thousands of tanning lotions, creams, mousses and gels out there to pick our favorite self-tanning products for that perfect shade of bronze. Check them out below: