Style Tips for Men

Style Tips for Men

Working in the beauty industry certainly has its perks - major salon discounts, invites to swag-laden events, and a heads-up on hair and beauty trends before they become mainstream, just to name a few.

As fortunate as we know we are to reap these rewards, there are also a few less delightful aspects of working in the industry – feeling pressure to look red-carpet ready at all times (why does everyone else get to look like a train wreck at the bodega on a Sunday morning?), facing frequent requests from everyone we’ve ever known for discounts and special treatment, and, most surprisingly, finding ourselves constantly solicited for style advice by the men in our lives.  That’s right, whether we’re on a first date or in a business meeting, we are frequently asked to dole out style tips for men on the fly.   

We know we can’t speak for all women here (I mean, Britney’s support of Justin’s Canadian Tuxedo at the 2001 AMAs inarguably proves that every pot has its lid), but we will try to provide at least a few fool-proof style tips for that we believe all straight men should abide by. 

Men's Fashion

1)   Don’t be afraid to mix uptown with downtown – If you’re a hedge-fund type fond of preppy staples, take a page from your California brethren’s book and throw on a pair of casual sneakers (Chuck Taylors, anyone?) or a chic bomber to soften your polished look.  Likewise, if you’re a Brooklyn artist who lives in flannel, try throwing a pair of leather loafers with your otherwise-boho ensemble to show the ladies you’re also in touch with your sophisticated side. 


2)   Stick with a dark color palate – Unless you’re a WASP in Antigua or a frat boy at Coachella, you’re going to have to save your bold statement-colors for Halloween.  Suits, pants and coats in blacks, greys and navys are where it’s at – even a light-washed denim can be a risky move.  Stick to a base of darks, and try to limit your statement colors to the occasional summer top or gym wear.

Men's Style

3)   Your hair is your crowning glory – Men seem to stress a lot about their hairs and what to do with it, when really there is no need.  You don’t need a ton of product or complicated hairstyle like us ladies – just find a good barber or men's stylist who can guide you on what’s best for your hair texture and type.  If you’ve had the same hair for decades and start to grow restless, consider changing it up.  Jared Leto isn’t afraid to push the envelope here, and you shouldn’t be either.  

4)   Have fun with your facial hair game – While you may not be afforded as much fashion or beauty expression as the fairer sex, you do have endless beard / mustache / facial hair options available to you, and we support them all.  (Well, most of them –handlebar mustaches are generally a no.)  If you’ve spent most of your life clean-shaven, here’s some important food for thought on this topic:  Jamie Dornan is way sexier as a bearded Jamie Dornan than a beard-free Christian Grey.  If you’ve got the potential to grow a full beard, we fully support it. 

5)   Groom cautiously – While you will never have to know the pain that we endure when it comes to regular grooming and maintenance, you shouldn’t let yourselves go entirely.   Men's grooming may mean an occasional polish-free pedicure (we’re not touching those calluses) or back wax depending on how hairy you are underneath all your layers. 

6)   Don’t care about clothes more than we do – That’s what our gay best friends and girlfriends are for.  There’s something slightly unsettling about being on a date and having the guy proudly name the designer of our shoes or handbag.  Yes, we live in designer-obsessed times, but shouldn’t you be more into us than the clothes we wear? 

7)   Sundry stylistic deal-breakers – We don’t care if you’re Ryan Gosling, we’re probably not going out with you if you happen to rock any of the following: too-tight skinny jeans, croakies, grills, exposed chest hair, soul patches, hats indoors, patchwork, black oxford shirts, short-sleeved oxfords, wife-beaters, low v-necks, top hats, cowboy hats, boots and belts if you’re not a cowboy, glitter and/or sparkles, capes, capelets, tank tops, crop tops, high tops and metallics.