Sweatproof Beauty Products To Add To Your Gym Bag

In an ideal world you'd get to take a leisurely shower and primp and prep after your sweat session at the gym. But even on weekends that isn't the case for most of us (bottomless brunches wait for no one, after-all). Plus, lest any of us forget even when time isn't the issue there's nothing leisurely about the post-workout cues and overflowing showers at the city's popular boutique fitness studios.

With that in mind we've rounded up 10 products to throw into your gym bag to make your sweat session a whole lot more pleasurable. You can thank us when your bacne goes away for good.

This "gym kit" comes with wipes that work pre-workout to remove dirt, oil, makeup and other debris as well as post-workout to remove sweat and help you freshen up. Also included is Mama Mio's Workout Wonder, a muscle recovery gel.

In addition to wiping away makeup prior to your workout it's important to thoroughly clean skin BEFORE sweating. Blemishes are not, in fact, caused by sweat. It's the sweat mixed with oil, dirt and other debris sitting on your skin, which then gets pushed into your skin when you, for example, wipe your face with a towel, that causes pores to get clogged and skin to breakout (this is why it's always better to lightly tab your towel - don't wipe!). If you clean your skin well with wipes and a cleanser prior to hitting the gym there will be nothing sitting on your skin to cause the aforementioned blemishes.

Post workout remove dead, dehydrating, and clogging skin cells with these gentle exfoliating pads. Unlike so many others they won't stink your skin and they'll impart an instant glow.

Unless you plan on jumping straight into the shower, immediately after your workout spray your whole body with this acne-fighting body spray. Formulated with salicylic acid to treat and prevent breakouts, it also has menthol to help cool you down.

As previously mentioned it's imperative to keep skin makeup-free, especially if you're prone to breaking out, but if you feel you simply must wear something opt for a steadfast waterproof mascara like this one from Lancome.

When it comes to drugstore finds this is one of the best. An anti-perspirant and deodorant in one it will tackle both wetness and smell.

While you'll have to carefully apply this dry shampoo to avoid looking like you dumped a bowl of flour on your head, when used correctly this the best dry shampoo on the market (and it has countless awards to prove it). You'll want to pour it into your palms and then carefully work it into your hair. If you think you'll be too time crunched there's a spray version that allows you to apply the dry shampoo directly onto your hair. Both are available in travel sizes for gym bag convenience. Also note that the powder works best on lighter hair - if you have black hair the spray will most likely be the better option.

While burning UVB rays may be strongest in the summer, the aging - and skin cancer causing - UVA rays are just as strong in the heat as they are in the cold. It's therefore essential to put on sunscreen anytime you're workout outdoors as well as after you workout unless it's already dark out. This one from Dermalogica is designed specifically for sports and protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

When you're sweating it's important to put your hair up in a ponytail or braid, especially if you use styling products as they can transfer to skin and cause breakouts. With that said ideally you would go product-free for hair, but if you must use something opt for organic virgin coconut oil, which can work to style, fight frizz, and condition hair without irritating skin.

Again you want to avoid wearing makeup when you sweat, but just like mascara eye liner won't cause your skin to breakout and, if you opt for a waterproof one like this one from Sephora's in-house collection, it will stay in its place so as to not get in the way of your workout either.