The Language of Style - VIVE explains Blowouts to Men

It’s hard to imagine a world in which we tell a friend we’re running to a blowout, and then have to define what we’re talking about.  What else could she possibly imagine other than a blissful trip to the salon, in which a skilled stylist transforms our locks from drab to fab thanks to the pure magic of a dryer and styling products?  Friendship is all about speaking the same language.

When it comes to men, however, we’ve come to realize they’re not always on the same page.  When dropping the sacred B-word around various men in our lives, we’ve been asked if we’re referring to a perm, a drug-use bender, and countless other misinterpretations in between.   These men clearly have no idea what it takes to look chic.

In an effort to spread blow-out awareness (and see if it’s just the men we’re choosing to spend our time with who can be so out of touch with beauty-term essentials), VIVE decided to spend a day in Madison Square Park asking men, “What is a blow-out?”  The range of responses were certainly surprising.

Check it out here: