Why Tipping Matters

Why tipping matters at Vive

 Tell us if this sounds familiar: you’re running to your Vive appointment. Maybe you’re leaving Soul Cycle and are getting ready to conquer the day, or perhaps you’re on your way to a hot date. Whatever the case may be, you’re clearly in a rush. You breath that sigh of relief as soon as you slide into your salon chair, and suddenly realize you forgot to grab some cash for your Vive stylist’s tip. Drat.

We know. It’s a pain.

The world is going cashless, so why can’t VIVE?  Salons have been operating with cash only tips for years,  and are a bit hesitant to change. This, however, is something we’re working on. We’ve heard your feedback and are on it.


Your stylist will thank you.

A blowout is a service, and good service deserves to be rewarded. We know that tipping is such a personal matter, but please keep in mind that tipping can be very meaningful to a stylist, both personally and financially.  We recommend tipping 18-20% on the salon’s retail price.


Kindness is contagious.  

Regardless of your tip, your stylist will always appreciate recognition. Let her know how awesome you think your blowout is, or snap a #JustVIVED selfie to show it off. It will make his or her day.  


In the mean time, stay tuned for more system updates as we work towards a more automated tipping feature, and enjoy your Vive blowouts!



Alanna and Team VIVE