Fashionably Fit: Our Top 5 Activewear Brands

Today, the big question in fashion circles is: is activewear the new denim?

For women who embrace a lifestyle of health and wellness, athletic leggings and sports bras have become their second skin. Green juice and cult fitness classes are priorities, along with a career and personal life. Women don’t just want to squeeze workouts into their daily routine - they want to look chic while doing it. Luxury athletic wear is the latest trend for women who don’t want to compromise style or comfort while working out.

Many companies are jumping on the fashion-meets-fitness bandwagon. For example, this summer, Jennifer Bandier launched Bandier Fit, a multi-brand, fashion, fitness, and music boutique in the Hamptons.  The store specifically caters to stylish and confident women that want to seamlessly transition from sweat marathons to coffee sessions. Similarly, in July, powerhouse Net-a-Porter launched a new segment of their site called #Net-a-Sporter to highlight the hottest, high-end athletic wear via Instagram posts and their online store. We couldn’t agree more with their message - “Sportswear as chic as everything else in your closet.”

Fitness and fashion gurus - Check out our five favorite athletic brands that blend function with style.