The Power Is Yours: Choose The Salons YOU Want

As many of you know, Vive exists to bring women, salons and stylists together for beauty. We've spent the past year figuring out how best to do just that. We've learned that the smartest way for us to serve you is to let you choose the salon you want from a carefully curated list, and to create a safe and seamless platform for you to get your #ViveOn.

This might sound simple, but it wasn't for us. For the past year, we pursued a subscription model, with deep discounts, and took choice away. Aspects of the model worked, while others didn't. Ultimately, we learned that women want to choose when it comes to beauty services. Seems obvious, right? Choice is a big part of empowerment.

So beginning now, we are remodeling Vive so that you can choose the salons you want in our growing network, and still receive an exclusive Vive-members discounted that we've negotiated. And of course, appointments can always be made on the fly. We know you're busy, and plans are ever-changing.

We hope you love the new Vive, and the more women and salons we get involved, the more we are going to reimagine this market. Vive exists to bring people together for beauty. So please stay with us and spread the word. Thank you on behalf of the whole Vive team. We really couldn’t have gotten to where we are without you.