Vive Hacks: Fresh Hair Color for the Summer

Vive Hair Hacks: Hair Color Advice for the Summer Season

With Memorial Day around the corner, a summer full of celebrations and getaways begins.  So as you bring out the sunblock and head out to pool, keep in mind the stressors that can take a toll on vibrant hair color. This month’s Hair Hacks will show you how to maintain beautifully vibrant hair color this summer season.

Get started with hair color basics.

Whether you’re a hair color newbie or a seasoned color expert, let’s quickly cover some basics. Professional hair color typically looks its best for 4-6 weeks, while highlights typically last up to three months. Given this timeframe, you should be aware of when to switch your hair care routine and when to return to the salon. While coloring your hair at home sounds tempting, having your hair professionally colored is key to achieving quality color, while keeping the integrity of the hair in mind.

You should also consider hair gloss as a great option for fading hair color and dry ends. Hair glosses can be either clear or tinted, and they are demi-permanent, gradually washing out over a course of 4-6 weeks. Not only do glossing treatments seal in color, they also act as conditioning treatments.

Red, Brunette or Blonde: We’ve got you covered!

Hair glosses are especially great for red hair, as color molecules are larger and more susceptible of washing out quickly. Following through with a gloss after coloring will lock in color, especially for vibrant shades. Meanwhile, brunettes and blondes can often struggle with unwanted brassy red and orange tones in the fading process. Using a purple shampoo every couple of washes is great for counteracting any brass tones. Joico’s Color Endure Violet sulfate-free shampoo is great for beating brassiness. The purple hue in the shampoo counteracts the orange and red hues.

Sunblock for my hair?

As you may have experienced in past summers, prolonged exposure to the sun and heating styling tools will quickly fade colored hair. The chemicals in hair color wear down the protective layer of your hair, making hair susceptible to heat damage during styling. For days out in the sun, make sure to protect your locks with UV protecting sprays. Oribe’s Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Hair Spray is great for high-shine, and acts as a heat protectant against hot tools and natural UV rays. Using heat protectant products will save you time and money in hair color maintenance by helping prevent environmental stressors from fading your color.

Shhh! Shower secrets.

Did you know rinsing with cool water in the shower can help keep color from fading? Not only does hot water open up skin pores, it also opens up the hair cuticle allowing color molecules to escape. Next time you finish your shower, remember to rinse your hair in cold water before stepping out. The cold water will lock the cuticle back in place, and give your hair a boost of shine. Besides temperature, your shower water can also play an important role in fading hair color. Old water pipes can hold mineral deposits which can make your hair look brassy. While you may not be able to change your water type, investing in a shower filter will help filter out harmful minerals.

Choose the right products for vibrant hair color.

Remember to use haircare products that are low in sulfates and targeted to color-treated hair in order to best maintain a vibrant color. Hair products for color-treated hair gently cleanse strands while maintaining moisture. Sulfate-free products do not contain detergents which are often the culprit to whisking away color while cleansing. The Pureology Hydrate product line is great for a gentle, sulfate-free wash. Washing your hair less will also help maintain color.

This summer keep your hair color fresh between salon visits with these handy tips. Have fun in the sun, and always wear protection for your skin and hair.

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