#VIVELovesMoms: A Celebration of Women Making the World Go 'Round!

We can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday than at the Children's Museum of Arts in lower Manhattan. The staff and the space are beyond lovely, and the exhibits seem straight out of the pages of a Dr. Seuss book. From the minute we walked in the door all we wanted to do was kick off our shoes and play. The best part was that not only was that acceptable it was highly encouraged.

If you find yourself at CMA be sure to sidle up to the clay bar and order your favorite colors for creation, follow it up with a romp in the oversized ball room and a jaunt down the shrinking hallway. If that wasn't enough, this past Sunday you could also grab a braid, kids cut, blowout or makeup in the #VIVELovesMoms room where we were celebrating families and the launch of in-home kids cuts on VIVE.

Monica from marinobambinos.com

Monica from marinobambinos.com

There are those moments when one can become supermom and manage to hail a cab while folding a strolled in heels on 5th Avenue, but for every moment like that there are ten that fall into the less graceful category. We just wanted to say thank you to moms everywhere for all of their hard work, for every moment that they laugh off that spill of epic proportions or get armed and ready for work on 16 minutes of sleep. It's those moments that really make us families. It is those moments that messy simultaneously becomes beautifully funny, and that messy beauty is the real story that weaves its way through our lives. 

In celebration of all moms now through the end of May, please use the promo code ILoveMyMom for 10% off your next in-home service from VIVE. Let us come to you for kid cuts, braids, makeup, blowouts and more so that you can sit back and enjoy your supermom moment.

Don't forget to share the love next Sunday May 11th with moms everywhere and to take the time to enjoy all of life's messy moments.

Need to see more kid sized braids? Check out the rest of the images from Sunday on Facebook.

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