VIVE Welcomes Early Morning Blowouts!


Wake up!

VIVE welcomes early morning blowouts

Since launching in May, VIVE has booked over 2000 appointments at over 100 New York City salons. It’s been a great first run, but we still have a long way to go.

The struggle is real

During the past two months, time and time again we see the same problem: outdated salon hours of operation. Salons open at 10am, close at 8pm, and don’t even think about Mondays. Obviously, this doesn’t work for the average VIVEr—it makes that early morning, pre-work, post-workout blowout virtually impossible.

So why don’t salons just open earlier?

We hate it when VIVE doesn’t meet your expectations, and we’ve been on a mission to secure earlier appointment times. The difficulty is that since salons have been operating this way for years, encouraging this kind of business shift takes time and trust. 

We’ve heard your feedback

That said, over the past month, we’ve been working with our salon partners to educate them on the benefits of additional business hours and are proud to announce that as of today, VIVE members will now be able to begin booking appointments as early as 7am in the following neighborhoods:

Union Square                             East Village                        Chelsea                     Murray Hill

Herald Square                             Columbus Circle               Carnegie Hill

While capacity is limited, we are working hard to add additional salons in these neighborhoods, and in additional neighborhoods. 

What can you do to help?

First, thank your stylist for coming in early! She or he will love to hear it.

If you visit a salon that you want to open early, tell them about VIVE’s Wake Up effort. It presents an amazing opportunity for additional revenue and is a win-win-win.

This is just one of many updates we have planned so stay tuned for what will be a very exciting summer.

Enjoy your VIVE blowouts!


Alanna and Team VIVE